Destination Weddings

I Do With a View!

page-image-destination-weddingsIf you’ve been thinking about having a Destination Wedding you’ve probably thought about the sun setting on the beach as you say your vows. You may have thought about your family and friends all gathered to celebrate your marriage with a multiple day celebration. You might have thought that it would be a fun filled, stress-free way to host the most important day of your life. You’d be right, as Destination Weddings are more relaxed, allow you to spend quality time with your guests and you can start your Honeymoon as soon as you say “I do!” Even better, Destination Weddings tend to be much easier on your Wedding budget and in addition to Wedding favors, your guests take home wonderful memories.

When to start planning your Destination Wedding

This is definitely a case of sooner the better. Many resorts will only handle one Wedding per day and if you have a special date in mind, you’ll want to make sure that you’re able to secure it for your own Wedding. Despite the more relaxed atmosphere of a Destination Wedding, you’ll want to give your guests even more lead time than you would for a local wedding. Your guests may need to budget or set aside funds to make the trip or they may be required to set their vacation schedule a year in advance. Depending upon your locale of choice, some guests may have to apply for passports. If children or young adults will be welcome additions at your Wedding you will need to take school vacations into consideration as well. You’ll want to contact us as far in advance as possible. We usually recommend starting the planning process at least a year in advance but if you’re flexible shorter time frames can be accommodated.

Using a Certified Destination Wedding Planner

It is best to work with a Certified Destination Wedding Planner who has completed specialized training and education in the details and organization of Destination Wedding Planning. We at Embassy Travel believe in the value of education and certification and are proud to have a Certified Destination Wedding Planner on staff.  A Certified Destination Wedding Planner will work with you to sort through your wishes and bring your dreams to life within the reality of your budget. We specialize in making the arrangements seamless and adding in all the extra touches that make your Destination Wedding a fun, relaxed and memorable celebration for your guests, but more importantly, for the two of you.

Where to go

The choices are endless and we encourage you to dream a bit. Just about every destination you can think of has many options for hosting a Wedding. The variety of choices is amazing. You can get married on a beach in the Caribbean, in a castle in Ireland, on a volcano or under a waterfall in Hawaii or on an island stopover during a cruise. We also encourage you to be sensitive to your family and guests and their budgets and willingness to travel to faraway destinations. Of course they want to share in your big day but time and money could be what stands between an R.S.V.P. of Yes! or having to send regrets.

How to budget for the Destination Wedding

Many resorts offer Destination Weddings that are free for a basic ceremony, with a wonderful selection of additional upgrades available at a nominal fee. Your Wedding can be as simple and inexpensive or as grand and opulent as you wish. Your amenities may be based upon the number of guests that will be attending your Wedding and staying at the host resort. Depending upon the number of guests attending your Destination Wedding it’s possible that you, as Bride and Groom will receive your hotel stay at no cost. You will still need to consider transportation costs for you and your future spouse and may need to budget for any relatives or special guests with tight budgets but are a “must have” attendee at the Wedding. An upfront deposit will be required to hold rooms for your guests, to reserve your room and to hold the date for your Wedding. The deposit amount will vary by resort, type and number of rooms and Wedding package you select.

So go ahead, dream a bit and if you need some inspiration we’ve listed a few of our favorites here for you to consider…

A few of our favorite Destination Wedding Resorts:

In the Caribbean
– Sandals – for adults only
– Beaches – for adults and younger guests
– Iberostar – for adults and younger guests
– Palace Resorts- for adults and younger guests

Around the World
– Ireland – You can get married in a castle
– South Africa – Amakhala, a privately owned preserve, hosts Weddings and has a beautiful small chapel
on site at the Leuwenbosch property
– The Springs Resort and Spa in Costa Rica
– Walt Disney World Weddings


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
— Mark Twain